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Dojo Etiquette and Rules

These are the Genbukai NZ Dojo Etiquette and Rules and will ensure everyone acts and is treated fairly and with respect, understands the discipline and history involved in our karate and sets a great example to themselves and other students at all times.
Please make sure you all read and understand. 

1. Always bow before entering and leaving the class through the main door
2. Always be respectful of your Sensei or Sempai. These people have trained hard to learn and pass on their knowledge
3. If you're late, wait at the door for either myself or Sensei Rebecca to acknowledge you and be sure to bow in before participating with class activity.
4. When called to line up, always respond by saying “HAI” in a loud voice and then QUICKLY line up by rank.
5. When called upon in class, always respond with loud “HAI” and then bow to the instructor, before and after the demonstration.
6. Never argue or make excuses for mistakes.
7. When straightening your gi, always turn around and face the back of the class.
8. Always have your belt correctly fastened and level
9. Never wear any jewellery, any earrings to be taped up and long hair tied up
10. Always focus on what you are doing. Show visible interest and alertness.
11. When the instructor yells “YAME”, that means that you/and your partner STOP immediately.
12. Do not talk or be disruptive when your instructor is teaching.
13. Always keep your gi clean and neat.
14. Never contradict your Sempai in front of others. Ask questions but do not argue. If necessary, speak individually at the end of lessons
15. Show respect to all other students