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About the Club

Karate: A Japanese word meaning "empty" (Kara) hand "hand" (Te). It is a system of attack and defence that uses all parts of the body (hands, feet, elbows, fingers etc.) to kick, punch, chop, butt or any other move that is effective in defending yourself. One learns that it is not the size and strength alone that are the deciding factors in who will emerge victorious in physical combat. True Karate is a physical art, although one of it's greatest attributes is that anyone, irrespective of size, age or sex can practice this art.

Junior Classes: From ages 7 to 12 years old. We must make it clear that in our Junior Classes (boys and girls combined) our overall pupose is to build character through discipline and self-confidence. Therefore many of the Karate techniques deemed dangerous are not taught in this class. The young people are instructed to defend against punches, holds and grabs. But foremost, they are instructed in good attitude and manners. Frankly, the first few weeks are difficult but enjoyable for the youngsters. Most parents notice a difference in poise, agility and confidence after a short time has been spent training. Cost is $4 per lesson, payable in 10 weekly blocks.

Senior Classes: Our Seniors (aged 13+) and Adult Program is structured to give you a great work out as well as learning to defend yourself. You will become stronger, more flexible, firmer and help with those stress levels. Karate is a great Cardio Vascular workout and can also help to increase muscle tone. Cost is $4 per lesson, payable in 10 weekly blocks.

Gradings: Gradings take place every 6 months and is the students final testing for their next belt or tab. This is a very special event for the student and family and friends are invited to watch. To be able to grade the student must be a club member and have attended enough lessons to grade.